Aadavallu Meeku Johaarlu Movie Download Telugu Full [4K, HD, 1080p 480p, 720p] iBomma Review

Aadavallu Meeku Johaarlu Movie Download Telugu ibomma
Aadavallu Meeku Johaarlu iBomma

Aadavallu Meeku Johaarlu Movie Download is available in 480p, 720p, and 1080p on iBomma. Aadavallu Meeku Johaarlu is a Telugu-language romantic comedy drama film written and directed by Tirumala Kishore. It is produced by SLV Cinemas and stars Sharwanand, Rashmika Mandanna, Khushbu Sundar, Raadhika Sarathkumar, and Urvashi. Tirumala originally planned the film in 2016 with Venkatesh and Nithya Menen as the lead actors, but the project was eventually revived in October 2020 with Sharwanand and Mandanna taking their places. Principal photography for the film began in July 2021 and was completed in February 2022, with most of the filming taking place in Hyderabad and Rajahmundry. The film’s score and soundtrack were composed by Devi Sri Prasad, with cinematography by Sujith Sarang and editing by A. Sreekar Prasad.

Aadavallu Meeku Johaarlu iBomma

Movie Aadavallu Meeku Johaarlu
Directed by Devi Sri Prasad
Cinematography Sujith Sarang
Produced by Sudhakar Cherukuri
Starring Sharwanand, Rashmika Mandanna, Khushbu, Raadhika Sarathkumar, and Urvashi
Music by Devi Sri Prasad
Release date March 4, 2022
Language Telugu

Aadavallu Meeku Johaarlu Telugu Movie Download iBomma Story

In “Aadavallu Meeku Johaarlu,” Chiru is a young man who is the only male in his joint family and is therefore indulged and pampered by everyone around him. However, Chiru falls in love with Aadhya, a young woman who is strongly influenced by her mother and is therefore opposed to the concept of marriage.

As Chiru tries to win Aadhya’s affection and convince her mother of the value of marriage, he faces a number of challenges and obstacles. He must navigate family expectations, cultural differences, and his own feelings in order to win the love and acceptance of Aadhya and her mother.

Ultimately, Chiru must find a way to prove himself to the women in his life and show them that he is a worthy partner. Whether he is able to do so and win the hearts of Aadhya and her mother is left for the viewer to discover by watching the film on the big screen.

Aadavallu Meeku Johaarlu Telugu Movie Download iBomma Plus Point:

In “Aadavallu Meeku Johaarlu,” Sharwa delivers a strong performance as Chiru, bringing a sense of humor and likability to the character. He is able to effectively portray the challenges that Chiru faces as he tries to win over Aadhya and her mother, and his comedy timing is particularly noteworthy.

Vennela Kishore also manages to elicit some laughs in his supporting role, adding to the film’s overall sense of levity. Rashmika, who plays Aadhya, gives a somewhat subdued performance, but she is able to deliver some emotional depth towards the end of the film.

The supporting cast, including Urvashi, Radhika, and the rest of the character artists, are mostly okay in their roles. Khushboo stands out as Rashmika’s mother, bringing depth and complexity to her character.

Overall, while “Aadavallu Meeku Johaarlu” has its moments of humor and emotion, it is not a particularly noteworthy film. The performances are solid but the story and characters are somewhat forgettable.

Aadavallu Meeku Johaarlu Telugu Movie Download iBomma Minus Points:

Aadavallu Meeku Johaarlu” suffers from a lack of novelty in its plot, which follows the age-old story of a young man falling for a woman who is hesitant to get married due to her mother’s past experiences. The performances of the lead actors, Sharwa and Rashmika, are solid but the chemistry between their characters is weak and unconvincing.

The love story at the heart of the film is also underdeveloped, leaving the second half of the film feeling somewhat flat and unengaging. The presence of so many female characters in the film also does not add much depth or complexity to the story, with some actors, such as Radhika, having very little to do.

The film’s climax is also disappointing, feeling forced and drawn out without much emotional impact. Overall, “Aadavallu Meeku Johaarlu” is a predictable and uninspired film that fails to bring anything new to the table.

Aadavallu Meeku Johaarlu Full HD Movie Download Cast

  • Sharwanand as Chiranjeevi “Chiru”
  • Rashmika Mandanna as Aadhya
  • Khushbu Sundar as Vakula, Aadhya’s mother
  • Raadhika Sarathkumar as Aadhi Lakshmi, Chiru’s mother
  • Urvashi as Padmamma, Chiru’s aunt
  • Rajashri Nair as Gouramma, Chiru’s aunt
  • Kalyani Natarajan as Sharadamma, Chiru’s aunt
  • Satya Krishnan as Santhamma, Chiru’s aunt
  • Brahmanandam as Buchi
  • Vennela Kishore as Phani, Chiru’s friend
  • Satya as Prem, a manager
  • Jhansi as Saritha, Vakula’s friend
  • Rajitha as maid, Vasu’s wife
  • Ravi Shankar as Sai Krishna, Prashanth’s father
  • Banerjee as Chiru’s father
  • Goparaju Ramana as Chiru’s uncle
  • Vasu Inturi as Chiru’s uncle
  • Pradeep Rawat as Vasu, an employee
  • Surya Sreenivas as Vijay
  • Ruchitha Sadineni as Pravalika, Saritha’s daughter
  • Ravi Teja Mahadasyam as Prashanth, Pravalika’s husband
  • Pramodini as Prashanth’s mother
  • Sudarshan as Tomato seller
  • RCM Raju

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