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Acharya Movie Download Telugu ibomma
Acharya iBomma

Acharya Movie Download is available in 480p, 720p, and 1080p on iBomma. Acharya is a Telugu-language action drama film written and directed by Koratala Siva. It is produced by Konidela Production Company and Matinee Entertainment and stars Chiranjeevi as the titular character, alongside Ram Charan, Pooja Hegde, and Sonu Sood. The film tells the story of Acharya, a Naxalite leader who enters the shrine of Dharmasthali to end the oppression caused by a local politician named Basava. Sidda confronts drugs and harassment within the shrine and may have to work with the Naxalites due to unforeseen circumstances. “Acharya” has music composed by Mani Sharma and cinematography by Tirru. The film was launched in October 2019 and began principal photography in January 2020, but suffered delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It was released in theaters on April 29, 2022 and received generally highly negative reviews from critics, who criticized the weak narrative, predictability, Siva’s direction, use of VFX/CGI, and outdated screenplay. The film was a commercial failure, grossing INR 76 crore over a budget of INR 100-140 crore.

Acharya iBomma

Movie Acharya
Directed by Mani Sharma
Cinematography Naveen Nooli
Produced by Ram Charan Teja, Niranjan Reddy, Anvesh Reddy
Starring Chiranjeevi, Ram Charan Teja, Pooja Hegde, Sonu Sood, Jisshu Sengupta, Vennela Kishore, Tanikella Bharani
Music by Mani Sharma
Release date April 29,2022
Language Telugu

Acharya Telugu Movie Download iBomma Story

The film’s setting in a temple town is a fresh change from the usual urban settings in films. Chiranjeevi and Sonu Sood are both seasoned actors and they bring their experience to the table. Chiranjeevi looks majestic in his role as the Acharya and Sonu Sood is convincing as the antagonist.

Ram Charan as Siddha has a limited role but makes an impact in his scenes. The chemistry between Chiranjeevi and Charan is one of the highlights of the film.

The film has a good mix of drama, action and emotions. The film’s story is predictable but the performances of the lead actors keep the audience engaged. The film’s message of standing up against evil and fighting for justice is conveyed well.

The film’s production values are top notch and the temple town setting is beautifully captured by the cinematographer. The film’s music and background score are good and add to the overall appeal of the film.

Overall, Acharya is a decent film that is worth a watch for Chiranjeevi and Sonu Sood’s performances.

Acharya Telugu Movie Download iBomma Plus Point:

Sonu Sood is the perfect choice for the villainous role and gives a menacing performance. He is a perfect foil to Chiranjeevi’s character and the clashes between the two stars are the main highlight of the first half.

The film is based in the temple town of Dharmasthali and the makers have showcased the beauty of the place quite well. The cinematography is top notch and the BGM is a big plus for the film. Editing is neat and the runtime of the film is also crisp.

Coming to director Koratala Siva, he is known for his emotional dramas and he sticks to the same here. He takes his time to establish the characters and the film takes off only during the interval block. Even though the film has a predictable story, Koratala Siva has narrated it in a way that it is engaging most of the time. He also makes sure that the film has the right mix of emotions, action, and drama.

The biggest plus of the film is the father-son bonding between Chiranjeevi and Ram Charan. The way the two stars have shared screen space and how they complement each other is just amazing. The scenes between the two stars have been executed superbly and will surely move the audience to tears.

The first half of the film is a bit slow but the second half more than makes up for it with good drama, mass moments, and a good emotional climax. The film may not be a masterpiece but it is a decent watch for this Sankranthi season.

Acharya Telugu Movie Download iBomma Minus Points:

Though the music by Mani Sharma is good and the cinematography by Tirru is top notch, the other technical aspects are just about okay. The production values are grand but that does not save the film from its routine and weak story. The editing by Naveen Nooli is also not up to the mark.

Finally, Acharya is a decent film that can be watched for the performances of Chiranjeevi and Ram Charan. The film will surely appeal to the fans of both the actors, but the general audience will not have much to take home. The film is a huge disappointment from Koratala Siva who has given some path-breaking films in the past.

Acharya Full HD Movie Download Cast

  • Chiranjeevi as Comrade Acharya
  • Ram Charan as Comrade Siddha
  • Pooja Hegde as Neelambari
  • Sonu Sood as Basava
  • Jisshu Sengupta as Rathod
  • Kishore as Basava’s aide
  • Saurav Lokesh as Vikram, Rathod’s brother
  • Nassar as Adanna
  • Ajay as Vedanna
  • Tanikella Bharani as Priest
  • Vennela Kishore as Acharya’s disciple
  • C. V. L. Narasimha Rao
  • Banerjee as Comrade Bose
  • Shatru as Khilla
  • Ravi Prakash as Sivudu
  • Pawan as Basava’s Henchmen
  • Raghu Babu as Drug Supplier (Basava’s Henchmen)
  • Raja Ravindra as Basava’s Henchmen
  • Satyadev Kancharana as Comrade Shankar, Siddha’s father (cameo appearance)
  • Sangeetha Krish as a dancer in the song “Laahe Laahe”
  • Regina Cassandra as Mandakini, a bar dancer in the item song “Saana Kastam”

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