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Ammu Movie Download Telugu ibomma
Ammu iBomma

Ammu Movie Download is available in 480p, 720p, and 1080p on iBomma. Ammu Ammu is a 2022 Indian Telugu drama thriller film written and directed by Charukesh Sekar and produced by Stone Bench Films. The film stars Aishwarya Lekshmi, Naveen Chandra and Bobby Simha in lead roles and premiered on Amazon Prime Video on October 19, 2022.

Ammu iBomma

Movie Ammu
Directed by Charukesh Sekar
Cinematography Apoorva Shaligram
Produced by Kaarthekeyen Santhanam, Kalyana Subramanian, Karthik Subbaraj
Starring Aishwarya Lekshmi, Naveen Chandra, Bobby Simha, Raghu Babu, Satya, Maala Parvathy, Prem Sagar
Music by Bharath Shankar
Release date October 19, 2022
Language Telugu

Ammu Telugu Movie Download iBomma Story

The story begins and takes place entirely in Maharanipally, where Amuda alias Amu (Aishwarya Lekshmi) marries her neighbor Ravindranath alias Ravi (Naveen Chandra) who works as a police inspector. The newlyweds seem to have a great life ahead of them as they both love and support each other, but things change when Ravi becomes violent with Ammu, occasionally shouting at her and embarrassing her in front of her colleagues. Things get worse when Ravi slaps Amma for disrespecting his wishes regarding her parents, even though it wasn’t on purpose. Amu, fed up with Ravi’s abuse, wants to end their relationship but is unable to do so due to fear and embarrassment. Despite being on birth control pills, she becomes pregnant, which further infuriates her. She seeks help from Ravi’s colleague Satya (Sathya Krishnan) and her neighbor Lini (Anjali Amir), but that too is in vain when Ravi clearly threatens Amu when she plans to reveal the truth. While Ammu searches for a solution, Prabhu (Bobby Simha) arrives at the Maharanipally police station on parole to attend his sister Geeta’s (Anusha Prabhu) wedding. However, Ravi harasses Prabhu, asking him to do unnecessary chores. Prabhu rebels one day, leading to his parole being revoked. Amu learns that Ravi will be in trouble if Prabhu misses any of his appointments at the station. So she, Satya, Lini and Iqbal (Prem Sagar) secretly hide him in Amu’s house from Ravi. This wreaks havoc on the police station and Ravi’s life. Ravi is later suspended because of this. After the incident, Amu and Prabhu separated. Ammu who wanted to leave Ravi finally gets her chance and keeps their child (which she wanted to abort) and leaves Maharanipali.

Ammu Telugu Movie Download iBomma Plus Point:

Director Charukesh Sekar takes a good story that most people in our society can relate to. However, he narrates it in a decent way. Aishwarya Lekshmi is Amu’s show stealer. She fits the role well and her performance as a helpless housewife facing domestic violence is good. Be it her emotions or the courage she faces to deal with her husband, Lakshmi conquers it.

Naveen Chandra gives his best performance as a selfish and sadistic husband who feels it is his right to control his wife. The variations he showed in many scenes let the viewer understand what a capable actor he is. Bobby Simha once again gets a nice role and he stands out with his subtle performance.

Ammu has some tough dialogues and kudos to Padmavati Maladi for penning such wonderful lines. Sathya, Prem Sagar and Raghu Babu give their best in supporting roles. The background of the film is quite impressive.

Ammu Telugu Movie Download iBomma Minus Points:

Decent first half, but some unnecessary lag in the slower paced first half. Some repetitive scenes could have been cut to make the film crisp. Writing a few emotional scenes for Bobby Simha’s character could have made the film more appealing to the audience.

The role of Bobby Simha is brought to help the heroine. In order to help the heroine, it was necessary to find a valid reason. The story is a bit predictable and follows a familiar thread for the most part.

Ammu Full HD Movie Download Cast

  • Aishwarya Lekshmi as Amudha ‘Ammu’ Ravindranath
  • Naveen Chandra as CI S. Ravindranath ‘Ravi’
  • Bobby Simha as Prabhu Das
  • Parvathi T. as Kalpana, Ammu’s mother
  • Raja Ravindra as Dileep, Ammu’s father
  • Appaji Ambarisha Darbha as Ravi’s father
  • Pramodhini as Ravi’s mother
  • Satya Krishnan as Constable Satya
  • Anjali Ameer as Linny
  • Prem Sagar as Iqbal
  • Raghu Babu as the benevolent beggar in the bus station
  • Kancharapalem Raju as Ismail
  • Sanjay Swaroop as DIG Reddy
  • Guru Charan as SI Diwakar
  • Anusha Prabhu as Geetha
  • Sai Badram Dinesh as Geetha’s fiancĂ©
  • T. V. Raman as Prasad
  • Jammalamadugu Davood as Mansoor Ali Khan

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