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Ante Sundaraniki Movie Download Telugu ibomma
Ante Sundaraniki iBomma

Ante Sundaraniki Movie Download is available in 480p, 720p, and 1080p on iBomma. Ante Sundaraniki is a 2022 Indian Telugu-language romantic comedy film written and directed by Vivek Athreya and produced by Mythri Movie Makers. The film stars Nani and Nazriya Nazim, making her Telugu debut. The plot follows Sundar and Leela, an interfaith couple who try to convince their parents to accept their marriage by telling a series of lies, only to find themselves in even more complicated situations.

Principal photography for the film took place between April 2021 and January 2022, with locations including Hyderabad and the United States. Ante Sundaraniki! was released in cinemas on 10 June 2022 and received positive reviews from critics. It grossed over ₹38 crore at the box office.

Ante Sundaraniki iBomma

Movie Ante Sundaraniki
Directed by Vivek Sagar
Cinematography Raviteja Girijala
Produced by Naveen Yerneni , Ravi Shankar Y
Starring Nani, Nazriya Fahadh, Nadhiya, Harshavardhan, Rahul Ramakrishna, Suhas, and others
Music by Vivek Sagar
Release date June 10, 2022
Language Telugu

Ante Sundaraniki Telugu Movie Download iBomma Story

The film is filled with good emotions and the love that Nani and Nazriya share is showcased beautifully. Both of them get good roles after a long time and they make the most of it. Nani is good in his role and the way he changes his behavior towards the end is good. Nazriya looks beautiful and her chemistry with Nani is top-notch.

Naresh and Rohini get good roles after a long time and they make the most of it. The emotions of the parents who are not happy with their child’s relationship have been showcased quite well. The small scenes between Nani and Naresh are a treat to watch.

The film is a bit slow in the first half but the pre-climax and climax are the major highlights. The way Nani and Naresh make their point is good and the emotions that flow are superb. The songs are a big letdown as they do not impress and the background score is just okay.

The production values are good and the way the film has been shot in the beautiful locales of Europe is a visual treat. The final message that the film gives is good and the film can be watched once.

Ante Sundaraniki Telugu Movie Download iBomma Plus Point:

The music of the film is pretty good and the background score is a huge plus. The cinematography is top-notch and the film looks rich. The writing of the film is top-notch in the second half and the way the drama and comedy have been balanced is quite good. The pre-climax and climax are the major highlights of the film and are executed quite well.

One of the major drawbacks is that the first half of the film is slow and does not have much to offer. The interval block could have been better and the love track between Nani and Nazriya could have been shown in a better manner. Also, the climax could have been elevated more with a few more twists.

On the whole, Ante Sundaraniki is an emotional and entertaining film that is a treat to watch for Nani and Nazriya’s performances. The family drama and the way the film has been executed make it a decent watch this weekend.

Ante Sundaraniki Telugu Movie Download iBomma Minus Points:

Sundar Prasad (Nani) is a young Hindu lad who wants to go to the US but is unable to due to his orthodox parents(Naresh and Rohini). On the other hand, Leela(Nazriya), is a Christian photographer whom Sundar knows from his childhood. Eventually, the two youngsters develop a romance but face trouble with their families. To get hitched, they create a big lie and end up in deep problems. How do they get over the conflict forms the rest of the story?

When it comes to playing the boy next door roles, it is a piece of cake for Nani and he is in his elements in Ante Sundaraniki. Apart from acting superbly in the emotional scenes, Nani’s comedy timing especially in the second half is superb and drives the film till the end. Without going overboard, Nani stays in his character and entertains thoroughly. Nazriya makes an impressive Telugu debut and balances her part quite well. She emotes beautifully in a well-written role. Her chemistry with Nani is the best part of the film. The supporting cast is also a huge bonus for this film. Naresh and Rohini are amazing as Nani’s parents, especially Rohini in the climax, were impressive. Naresh’s interactions with Nani are one of the highlights of the film. Nadhiya and Azhagam Perumal as Leela’s parents do a fine job. Harshvardhan gets a good role after a while and holds his own with Nani in some scenes.

Though the movie has a very run-of-the-mill plot that is predictable and has been seen many a time, it has been written freshly. However, the core concept is too simple. The narration in the first half, especially for the initial childhood sequences is boring and could have been edited out a bit. Instead of the childhood sequences, the romantic angle between the lead pair should have been enhanced more. Nani coming from an orthodox background and falling for Nazria should have been highlighted to create more entertainment. Despite these shortcomings, the movie’s strong writing in the second half brings out solid comedy, emotion, and thrill without going overboard by the climax. Overall, Ante Sundaraniki is an entertaining watch with strong performances from the lead pair and a supportive cast.

Ante Sundaraniki Full HD Movie Download Cast

  • Nani as Kasthuri Poorna Venkata Sesha Sai Pawana Rama Sundara Prasad. ‘Sundar’
  • Vinny as young Sundar
  • Nazriya Nazim as Leela Thomas
  • Harika Koyilamma as young Leela
  • Naresh as Kasthuri Suryanarayana Shastry, Sundar’s father
  • Rohini as K. Padmavathi, Sundar’s mother
  • Nadhiya as Jyothi, Leela’s mother
  • Azhagam Perumal as Thomas, Leela’s father
  • Harsha Vardhan as Manager Chandra Mohan
  • Prudhvi Raj as Shivarama, Sundar’s uncle
  • Aruna Bhikshu as Varalaxmi, Sundar’s grandmother
  • Tanvi Ram as Pushpa, Leela’s sister
  • Nomina Tara as young Pushpa
  • Dinesh koushika as Waiter
  • Rahul Ramakrishna as Dr. Guruvesh alias Guru, Sundar’s childhood friend
  • Srikanth Iyengar as Jogarao, an astrologer
  • Venkatesh Maha as Joseph
  • Pavitra Lokesh as gynecologist Parvati
  • Ali as Shankar, film director during Sundar’s childhood Originally Fraud in name of film director and the child Trafficking Leader
  • Anupama Parameswaran as Soumya (extended cameo appearance)
  • Sai Ronak as Vamsi (cameo)

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