Bhama Kalapam Movie Download Telugu Full [4K, HD, 1080p 480p, 720p] iBomma Review

Bhama Kalapam Movie Download Telugu ibomma
Bhama Kalapam iBomma

Bhama Kalapam Movie Download is available in 480p, 720p, and 1080p on iBomma. Satyabhama is a headstrong and proud woman who becomes involved in a crime comedy thriller in the Indian Telugu-language film Bhama Kalapam. Directed by Abhimanyu and produced by SVCC Digital, the film features Priyamani alongside John Vijay, Shanthi Rao, and Sharanya Pradeep. The film’s score is composed by Mark K. Robin, and its soundtrack is composed by Justin Prabhakaran. The title and central theme of the film are inspired by the traditional Andhra Pradesh dance form of Bhamakalapam, which tells the story of Satyabhama. The film was released on 11 February 2022 on the streaming platform Aha.

Bhama Kalapam iBomma

Movie Bhama Kalapam
Directed by Justin Prabhakaran, Mark k Robin
Cinematography Deepak Yeragara
Produced by Bapineedu, Sudheer
Starring Priyamani, Shanthi Rao, John Vijay, Saranya Pradeep, Pammi Sai
Music by Justin Prabhakaran, Mark k Robin
Release date February 11,2022
Language Telugu

Bhama Kalapam Telugu Movie Download iBomma Story

Anupama is a popular Youtuber who is known for her curiosity and desire to learn about what is happening in the lives of others. She has become particularly interested in a couple who live in her neighborhood, and she has noticed that they are always fighting. One day, Anupama decides to visit the couple’s house to try to find out what the issue is and what is causing their constant arguments. However, when she arrives at the house, she becomes embroiled in a murder investigation.

To make matters even more complicated, a notorious gangster begins to pursue Anupama, adding an additional layer of danger to the situation. Anupama must navigate the complicated and dangerous circumstances she finds herself in while trying to figure out what happened to the murdered individual and how she can escape the clutches of the gangster.

Throughout the story, Anupama faces numerous challenges and dangers as she tries to uncover the truth and escape the dangerous situation she has found herself in. She must use her intelligence and resourcefulness to outwit her opponents and stay one step ahead. Ultimately, Anupama must find a way to solve the mystery of the murder and evade the gangster in order to survive.

Bhama Kalapam Telugu Movie Download iBomma Plus Point:

In Bhama Kalapam, Priyamani stars as Anupama, a housewife who becomes embroiled in a murder investigation after visiting the home of a neighbor couple. The film is well-structured, with a strong introduction and well-developed characters. The inclusion of a valuable egg and the way it becomes central to the story is a unique and intriguing element.

While the pacing of the film is initially slow, the addition of the murder plot helps to pick up the pace and keep the audience engaged. Priyamani delivers a strong performance as Anupama, a desperate housewife caught up in dangerous circumstances. Sharanya Pradeep also does a good job in her supporting role as a maid.

The film has a strong aesthetic, and the way various stories surrounding the precious egg are woven into the main narrative is well done. Kishore Kumar, who plays a church father, is particularly noteworthy in his key role. Overall, Bhama Kalapam is a well-made film with strong performances and an interesting plot.

Bhama Kalapam Telugu Movie Download iBomma Minus Points:

Unfortunately, Bhama Kalapam stumbles in the second half of the film. The lack of seriousness in the narrative is a major issue, as it undermines the tension and drama of the murder investigation and makes it difficult for the audience to fully invest in the story. Priyamani’s character also behaves in ways that are not particularly believable or compelling, further diminishing the impact of the plot.

Additionally, the main male character is largely sidelined in the second half and fails to contribute much to the story. This is a missed opportunity, as the film had the potential for intense drama but fails to deliver on this front.

Furthermore, the main villain is extremely irritating, with over-the-top acting that distracts from the overall plot. The film does have some strong moments, but they are often followed by silly or illogical scenes that undermine the overall quality of the film. Overall, while Bhama Kalapam has some promising elements, it ultimately falls short due to its weaknesses in the second half.

Bhama Kalapam Full HD Movie Download Cast

  • Priyamani as Anupama Mohan, an ambitious homemaker who runs cookery channel on YouTube
  • John Vijay as Nayar
  • Shanthi Rao as Pallavi, an investigation officer
  • Sharanya Pradeep as Shilpa
  • Pandiyan
  • Kishore as Daniel
  • Pradeep Rudra as Mohan, Anupama’s husband
  • Pammi Sai as Chinna Roa
  • Nellore Neeraja
  • Ravinder Bommakanti
  • Sameera
  • Balaji
  • M S Raaja as Mani
  • Sai Mukhesh

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