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Sita Ramam Movie Download Telugu ibomma
Sita Ramam iBomma

Sita Ramam Movie Download is available in 480p, 720p, and 1080p on iBomma. Sita Ramam is a Telugu-language period romance film set in 1964. The movie follows the story of Lieutenant Ram, an orphaned army officer serving at the Kashmir border, who receives anonymous love letters from Sita Mahalakshmi and sets out to find and propose to her. The film was written and directed by Hanu Raghavapudi and produced by Vyjayanthi Movies and Swapna Cinema. It stars Dulquer Salmaan and Mrunal Thakur (in her Telugu debut) in the lead roles, with Rashmika Mandanna and Sumanth in supporting roles. Principal photography took place from April 2021 to April 2022 in Hyderabad, Kashmir, and Russia. The film’s music was composed by Vishal Chandrasekhar, with cinematography by P. S. Vinod and Shreyaas Krishna and editing by Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao. “Sita Ramam” was released on August 5, 2022 and received widespread critical and commercial acclaim, grossing between 80 and 98.18 crore rupees at the box office. It is considered one of the highest-grossing Telugu films of 2022. The film was initially planned to be shot simultaneously in Telugu and Tamil, but the Tamil version, “Kannukkule,” includes a reshot version of the track “Kaanunna Kalyanam.”

Sita Ramam iBomma

Movie Sita Ramam
Directed by Hanu Raghavapudi
Cinematography P. S. Vinod, Shreyaas Krishna
Produced by Aswini Dutt
Starring Dulquer Salmaan, Mrunal Thakur, Rashmika Mandanna and Sumanth.
Music by Vishal Chandrasekhar
Release date August 05, 2022
Language Telugu

Sita Ramam Telugu Movie Download iBomma Story

Afreen is a student leader at a university in London, and when her grandfather passes away, she discovers that he has left her a mysterious letter to deliver to a woman named Sita Mahalakshmi. Afreen is hesitant to take on this task, but ultimately agrees to do so in order to receive her inheritance.

As she begins to investigate the letter and its intended recipient, Afreen becomes embroiled in a web of intrigue and mystery. She learns that the letter was written by a man named Lieutenant Ram, and that he and Sita Mahalakshmi have a deep connection to Afreen’s grandfather.

As Afreen delves deeper into this mystery, she finds herself drawn into a world of danger and adventure, as she uncovers secrets that have been hidden for years. Along the way, she encounters a cast of memorable characters, including the charming and enigmatic Lieutenant Ram, and the mysterious and elusive Sita Mahalakshmi.

In the end, Afreen’s journey is one of self-discovery and redemption, as she comes to understand the true nature of her grandfather’s legacy and her own place in the world. If you want to know the complete story, you’ll have to watch the film to find out.

Sita Ramam Telugu Movie Download iBomma Plus Point:

“Sita Ramam” is a film that showcases the acting skills of Dulquer Salmaan and Mrunal Thakur, both of whom deliver standout performances. Salmaan is particularly noteworthy as Lieutenant Ram, bringing charm and emotional depth to the character, while Thakur makes a strong Telugu debut as Sita Mahalakshmi, looking gorgeous in sarees and displaying ease in her performance.

The romantic track between the lead pair is handled with class and grace, and their chemistry is electric on screen. The music is rich and adds to the overall atmosphere of the film, while certain scenes are guaranteed to tug at the heartstrings of the audience.

Though there are many characters in the film, each one is given their due and has a meaningful role to play in the story. Sumanth and Rashmika Mandanna also deliver strong performances in their respective roles, and the character arc of Sumanth is written with particular care and attention.

Despite being a love story at its core, “Sita Ramam” also has several twists and turns that keep the audience on their toes. The war angle is especially well done, adding depth and complexity to the narrative. The writing is generally excellent, with some thought-provoking dialogues and scenes that spark the imagination. Overall, the second half of the film is particularly strong, making “Sita Ramam” a must-see for fans of romantic dramas.

Sita Ramam Telugu Movie Download iBomma Minus Points:

While “Sita Ramam” is generally a strong film, it does have a few weaknesses that are worth noting. One of the biggest issues is the slow pace of the first half, which takes its time getting to the main plot and could have benefited from tighter editing to maintain momentum.

The comedy in the film also feels a bit out of place at times, and while it does elicit some laughs, it doesn’t always fit seamlessly into the narrative. There are also a few logical errors, such as a character who looks the same after 20 years without much change.

Additionally, the theme of the film may not appeal to all audiences, and the songs can sometimes disrupt the flow of the film. Overall, the film can feel slow at times, making it feel somewhat lengthy.

Despite these issues, “Sita Ramam” is still a well-acted and well-written film with a strong romantic angle and some emotional depth. It is worth a watch for fans of romantic dramas, although those looking for a more fast-paced and action-packed film may want to look elsewhere.

Sita Ramam Full HD Movie Download Cast

  • Dulquer Salmaan as Lieutenant Ram
  • Mrunal Thakur as Princess Noor Jahan alias “Sita Mahalakshmi” (Voiceover by Chinmayi)
  • Rashmika Mandanna as Afreen (Waheeda)
  • Sumanth as Captain (Later Brigadier) Vishnu Sharma
  • Tharun Bhascker as Balaji
  • Sachin Khedekar as Pakistani Army General (later Brigadier) Abu Tariq Ali
  • Gautham Vasudev Menon as Major Selvan
  • Prakash Raj as Brigadier Y. K. Joshi
  • Shatru as Lieutenant Vikas Varma
  • Vennela Kishore as Durjoy Sharma
  • Bhumika Chawla as Vaidehi Sharma
  • Rukmini Vijayakumar as Rekha Bharadwaj
  • Murali Sharma as Subramanyam
  • Ashwath Bhatt as Ansari
  • Tinnu Anand as Anand Mehta
  • Sunil as Vaaradhi, Train Ticket Examiner
  • Priyadarshi Pulikonda as Marthandam
  • Rohini as Vijayalakshmi
  • Jisshu Sengupta as Nawab, Noor Jahan’s brother
  • Abhinaya as Noor Jahan’s sister-in-law
  • Rahul Ravindran as Rahul Varma
  • Pawan Chopra as Pakistani Army General Musa Khan
  • Neeraj Kabi as Afreen’s family advocate
  • Ananth Babu as Seetharamaiah, Subramanyam’s colleague
  • Goutham Raju as Ticket Collector in train to Madras
  • Anish Kuruvilla as Legal Advisor to Noor Jahan’s elder brother
  • Annapurnamma as House owner
  • Praneeta Pattanaik as Radhika, Ram’s namesake sister
  • Mahesh Achanta as Bharathi, Durjoy’s employee
  • Geetha Bhascker as Principal of women’s college
  • Snigdha Bawa as Afreen’s roommate
  • Nayan Rosh T M as Radio Jockey (Voice)

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