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FCUK Movie Download Telugu ibomma
FCUK iBomma

FCUK Movie Download is available in 480p, 720p, and 1080p on iBomma. FCUK Father Chitti Umaa Kaarthik is a 2021 Indian Telugu comedy film, produced by KL Damodar Prasad through Sri Ranjith Movies and directed by Vidyasagar Raju. The film stars Jagapathi Babu, Ram Karthik, Ammu Abhirami, Baby Saharshitha and music composed by Bheems Ceciroleo. Jagapathi Babu starred after a long period of time.

FCUK iBomma

Movie FCUK
Directed by Vidyasagar Raju
Cinematography Shiva G
Produced by KL Damodar Prasad
Starring Jagapathi Babu, Ram Karthik, Ammu Abhirami, Raja Daggubati, Baby Sahashritha and others
Music by Bheems Ceciroleo
Release date February 12, 2021
Language Telugu

FCUK Telugu Movie Download iBomma Story

The film begins with Fhani Bhupal Casanova the big time and owner of a successful condom company. Karthik a flirt, his only son plays the role of the wife’s caretaker husband-wife agency.
Father and son share a deep bond and a loving friendship that cannot be separated. Uma the pediatrician belongs to a traditional family with values ​​and principles. Also, she is married t
o a Ph.D. (Pathuri Hanumantha Das) who is a strange returning person who is angry and has no knowledge about relationships. It is just that you have approved the match as the joint family
of Uma’s conscience is salutary for your thesis. Karthik & Uma get to know each other at a rave when his friend Priyanka jokes that she can’t seduce any men anymore as she is a relative. So, Uma treats Karthik like a bet but over time, she really loves him when he reveals the truth. Immediately, Karthik gets angry and seeks the punishment of 3 days of the day which he accepts because it is impossible. At the end of it, Uma misconstrues Karthik as a tomcat chides, and quits. Meanwhile, Karthik learns that his father was admitted to the hospital. Immediately,
he jumped and did not even realize that he had no clothes on. Here as a flabbergast, the nurse gives Chitti a beautiful baby to Karthik proclaiming as his father’s daughter when Fhani Bhupal moves back.

During the outdoor shooting of his product, Fhani Bhupal comes across a Kalyani prostitute who is his model. At the scene, his men rescue the woman while Fhani Bhupal redresses and faces their pains and fame which makes Kalyani fall in love with him. The same fateful night they shared a single room and were consummates. After a year, Kalyani dies in an accident leaving the
responsibility of Chitti to Fhani Bhupal. Currently, a little argument is going on between the father & the victorious son about their idolatry. As it happens, Karthik also develops a crush on Chitti. One night, when Fhani Bhupal was out at the station Karthik forgot Chitti as a drunkard and collapsed due to dehydration. There, he rushed to the hospital when Uma found true
love for the child. Karthik explains the whole truth to Uma. Although he heckles at first, he understands after hearing about them with affection. The next day, Uma goes to Karthik’s house to invite him to his love which makes him sad. Of course, Uma is also under a dichotomy because she too starts loving Karthik. Thus, he begged him to save him without haste.

Presently, the three reached their village while Uma’s family stared at them with suspicion. So, Uma is introduced by introducing Karthik as her widow’s friend and Chitti as her daughter.
Since his wife died recently, he took her home so that they could turn to her and learn about child care. Now Karthik is getting closer to the family, they love him more. Meanwhile, Ph.D.
feels something fishy and does not trust Uma’s chastity so the marriage is called off. At this point, Uma’s father Raghavaiah decides to unite Uma with Karthik and live with the idea when
the truth comes out. Raghavaiah attacks Karthik’s family, scolds & beats Uma, and dismisses her. Besides, a rift arises between Fhani Bhupal & Karthik who thinks that he is the cause of all his troubles. Now, Fhani Bhupal proceeds to Raghavaiah with Chitti to plead for his son’s life. Here, Karthik is upset about his father and sister and makes a video on social media to know where they are. Suddenly it became hugely viral when the media started investigating it and televisions 24/7. Before that, Fhani Bhupal tried to voice Raghavaiah which showed pain, sadness, and intimacy. Indeed, Chitti recorded it and forwarded it to the media without his knowledge. Uma’s family is watching on the screen before Fhani Bhupal lands and they change their mind. Finally, Fhani Bhupal accepted for the marriage. Finally, the movie ends on a happy note with the wedding of Karthik & Uma.

FCUK Telugu Movie Download iBomma Plus Point:

The performances of the leading actors are the main highlights of FCUK. Especially young actors Ram Karthik and Amu Abhirami have done well in their given roles. Jagapathi Babu essays a colorful and daring role.

The main theme of the film’s story is rare in Telugu cinema, and debutant director Vidyasagar Raju and producer KL Damodar Prasad deserve credit for coming up with such a bold and intriguing concept. Production and production prices are good.

The film deals with bold themes such as beauty, virginity, condoms, and sexuality among the youth and elders in the orthodox society.

FCUK Telugu Movie Download iBomma Minus Points:

Unfortunately, despite having a rare and unique story on paper, director Vidyasagar Raju failed to execute it with an engaging screenplay to capture audience attention. Although Jagapati Babu’s role is of great importance in the story, it seems to be underutilized.

The main conflict actually only begins during the time lapse and continues until the last 15 or 20 minutes of the story. The comedy track featuring Bharat is not ticklish. Although the director infuses the aforementioned bold traits, they don’t make much of an impact due to the way they’ve been conveyed on screen.

FCUK Full HD Movie Download Cast

  • Jagapathi Babu as Fhani Bhupal
  • Ram Karthik as Karthik
  • Ammu Abhirami as Umaa
  • Baby Saharshitha as Chitti
  • Daggubati Raja as Raghavaiah Uma’s father
  • Kalyani Natarajan as Uma’s mother
  • Ketaki Narayan as Kalyani
  • Aneri Vajani as Priyanka
  • Master Bharath as Ph.D. (Pathuri Hanumantha Das)
  • Shankar Melkote as Melkotaiah, Ph.D.’s grandfather
  • Ali as Lift guy
  • Brahmaji as Fhani’s friend
  • Krishna Bhagavaan
  • Rajitha as Uma’s aunt
  • Sri Lakshmi as Servant Andhallu
  • Jayalalita as Judge
  • Ananth as Lawyer
  • Vasu Inturi as Lawyer
  • Jabardast Ram Prasad
  • Raghu Master as Cameo

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